Ruscombe and Whiteshill Community Shop

The Community Shop and Cafe

We are now in the final phase of our refurbishment project when the outside painting of the woodwork and the new roof will be replaced.  We have raised nearly £30,000 for the refurbishments, of which BLF has given £20,000.  

We shall soon have our new counter fitted and on 4th June the outside painting of the wood cladding will be done and on 24th June the roofing will be replaced.   We are very grateful to all our funders, volunteers and tradesmen who have .worked so hard to complete these improvements which have made the shop and cafe more attractive to meet and shop.

If you would like to either make a donation or carry out a fundraising event on behalf of the shop, please get in touch with Ruth Kelly or on 07538 002869

Fundraising News

Click on the link below to see our  fundraising video: